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Consumers are more food-conscious, demanding locally grown food from trusted sources. At the same time, the supply chain must meet ever stricter production and hygienic regulations, which make it difficult to supply fresh and consistent quality vegetables year round.

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At GrowWise, we look beyond the light to make informed decisions for the optimal business case.
- Jarno Mooren, plant specialist indoor farming at Signify
GrowWise the challenge

The challenge

At the Philips GrowWise Center we focus on making indoor farming successful. We aim to develop not only optimal light recipes for leafy greens, herbs and soft fruits, but also develop complete growth recipes. These growth recipes include factors much broader than only light, such as irrigation and climate amongst others. We aim to offer thorough quantitative and qualitative growth results and reflect them towards an optimal business potential.

The right lighting

Results from our first research experiments at the GrowWise Center are very promising. For example, within six weeks a trial with a variety of lettuce produced heads of lettuce weighing 200 grams each with a total yield of more than 100 kg/m2 a year. Another lettuce variety also showed excellent red coloration after a specific light treatment during the final phase of the growth. Adjusting the growth parameters resulted in lettuce with lower concentrations of nitrate.

By applying different growth recipes, it is possible to influence yield, plant morphology, nutritional content, flowering, root development and germination. Over the years we have also learned how to enhance taste, minerals and vitamin levels and how to increase coloration. In indoor farming you can grow consistent, high quality crops that are free of pests and pesticides. Crops can be grown locally, thereby resulting in a fresher, tastier product that can command a premium price.

We work closely with our customers looking at all aspects of their business case. Whatever a grower’s needs are, we can translate that into a dedicated recipe for growth. To achieve this, our team of plant specialists, application engineers and key account managers, together with our horti partners, look at the most important design aspects to come up with a farm set-up that can operate for years and generate a healthy profit.

Philips GreenPower Led production module

Philips GreenPower Led production module

The research module is specially designed for doing research with light, the light is manually adjustable.

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