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Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

Fast-track Project Payback

Looking to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED? Fast-track project payback by selecting EvoKit. With its low price, reduced project scrap, and simple five minute installation EvoKit is a more cost-effective solution for renovation projects than a full luminaire replacement. Payback starts on day one as Evokit lowers operating expenses with energy efficiency of up to 164 lumens per watt. The kits are dimmable and sized to replace most 2’x4’ 2’x2’ and 1’x’4 fluorescent troffers with a sleek and modern look that will conveniently transform your workspace.

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EvoKit Gen 5

Looking for Something More?

Interact Pro scalable wireless technology

Why choose an LED luminaire with Interact Pro scalable wireless technology? Traditionally, controls systems have required complicated design, expensive commissioning, and additional material costs on top of an already expensive building project. The long time frame for payback made these systems a challenge to specify. With Interact Pro scalable, you can have a solution with integrated sensors and wireless lighting controls, without extra wiring between luminaires or to the compatible wireless switches.

MultiOne Mobile for In-Field Tuning

MultiOne Mobile is an App to easily configure features for Evokit. With this tool, you have the opportunity to change basic settings, such as lumen output and wattage, of Evokit in the field. This easy to use tool runs on an Android smartphone via the NFC Interface. The installer can make last-minute changes on light output even after installation.

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EvoKit click

The EvoKit click makes refreshing a workspace with reliable, high quality LED lighting easier and more cost-effective than ever before. The new EvoKit click is an aesthetically pleasing and efficient LED retrofit kit designed to bring a refreshed sleek and modern look to your building. All models meet DLC lumens/watt efficiency standards, and high-efficiency models offer up to 149 lumens per watt. The EvoKit click fits into most existing 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 fluorescent troffers and can be easily installed without hiring expensive labor. Its innovative bulk packaging (4 pack), enables significant waste reduction and reduced storage space (60 2x4 kits/pallet) to make your transition to LED lighting clean and seamless.


EvoKit Gen5

Evolve your space with a name you trust.

Over 1 million fixtures have evolved into stylish, modern lighting without the expense, time and hassle of a complete luminaire renovation. Philips EvoKit LED retrofit kits are designed to quickly and easily install into existing 2x2 and 2x4 fluorescent troffers. EvoKit Gen5 LED Retrofit Kits continue to offer the appearance of a new luminaire with many options offering a consistent, high level of energy-saving LED performance. Your space can take energy efficiency beyond LED with our Sensor Ready (SR) models, which enable the flexibility to incorporate a broad range of energy saving connected lighting solutions on a job.


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