Impress your customers with ExpertColor LED lamps

Create beautifully rich environments

New Philips ExpertColor LED lamps

Today, it’s more critical than ever to make an impression with customers, guests, and visitors. Everything they see, hear, smell, and touch creates a unique atmosphere reflective of your brand. Premium light from ExpertColor LED lamps renders colors, whites, and textures to set your space apart.

Philips ExpertColor LED spotlights store lighting

Superior color and mood

ExpertColor LED lamps support a warm, immersive, mood-enhancing environment. They closely mimic halogen’s high color rendering, without the harsh, cold light of inferior LED lamps. ExpertColor's premium light helps your guests look and feel their best, enhancing their stay or shopping experience.

Philips ExpertColor hotel room lighting hospitality lighting

Render colors, whites and textures

Draw out even the most subtle colors, whites and textures with ExpertColor lamps. They offer CRI 90-95, GAI 100 to render strikingly rich, true colors across the entire spectrum as well as crisp and vibrant shades of white and even finely detailed textures. Create a lasting impression in your space.

Philips ExpertColor cosmetics beauty store lighting luxury retail lighting

Cost savings without compromise

Compared to halogen, ExpertColor lamps consume significantly less energy and last longer, with an LED lifetime of 40,000 hours. This minimizes operating and maintenance costs. ExpertColor lamps are compatible with most Halogen fixtures making rennovation hassle free and seamless.

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