The US Department of Energy says switch to LED. We say bring it on.

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Phased out the old and in with the new

With full enforcement of the new definitions of GSL and GSILs set forth in EISA impending, Signify delisted incandescent and halogen lamps that do not meet the 45 lm/W requirement from the DOE. This page is designed to help support your move to LED. From planning to replacement, we’ve gathered these resources and tools so that you can feel confident when choosing LED lamps.

Switch to led now

Conventional to LED Lamps Cross Reference Tool

To simplify the transition from conventional lamps to LED lamps we have put together this cross-reference file. Simply use the filters on the left to select your conventional product and the tool will provide LED lamp solutions.

Additional Resources and Links

Philips LED – turning conventional into sensational

Fast and easy to fit

Philips LED lamps and tubes are true retrofit, making them a hassle-free to install solution

Full portfolio

Philips offers a high-quality LED lighting solution for every need and budget


Low energy consumption and a longer lifetime make LED lighting the sustainable choice

Trusted performance

Highest standard LED technology guarantees low maintenance and best lighting results

Philips LED lamps for efficient replacement