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    Cellular Nodes

    Wireless connectivity for outdoor lighting control. A plug-and-play device that transforms any streetlight into an individually controllable, remotely managed luminaire.

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    Cellular Nodes
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        The Philips cellular node enables plug and play connectivity for any existing and already installed outdoor lighting luminaire with different type of receptacle (such as Zhaga, Nema or 20mm conduit). Once a node is installed, the luminaire is automatically connected to Philips Interact City and automatically located on the map via GPS. Depending on the luminaire configuration (such as Zhaga, Nema or 20mm conduit) it will also work with an outdoor multi sensor.


        Easy to install with different type of receptacle (such as Zhaga, Nema or 20mm conduit)
        Cellular based for reliable wireless technology
        Firmware upgrade without impact on light operation
        Future-proof: scalable network and upgradeable over the air


        Luminaires with ZHAGA or NEMA socket or 20MM Conduit
        Automatic commissioning: each node automatically connects to the Interact City system once installed
        Built in GPS for accurate positioning and auto location on map
        Built in light sensor to prevent day burning
        Luminaire tilt notification build in
        Built in security


        Road and Street
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