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Certaflux rdl g1

CertaFlux RDL Gen 1

Thanks to a set of standard lengths that are optimized for the application, fixtures, accessories like mounting profiles, mounting clips, power cables, and Philips constant voltage LED power drivers, the Certaflux  RDL gen 1 system offers fast and easy assembly with plug-and-play simplicity enabling lowest integral cost.



Key benefits

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with rapid payback times.
  • Efficacy up to 120 lm/W.
  • Miniaturized slim design for aesthetic integration.
  • Standard lengths optimized for the application - shelf, canopy and vertical lighting.
  • Built-in lens provides bright illumination for more attractive merchandising.
  • Choice of color temperatures 3000 K, 4000 K, Meat Color.
  • Natural merchandise color with specially formulated CRI >80 LEDs.
  • Virtually maintenance-free due to long life-time >50,000 hours.
  • Enhanced safety with 24 V supply (Safety Extra Low Voltage – SELV).
  • Significantly improves sustainability with lower energy consumption, less waste and zero hazardous substances.