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InteGrade LED systems

InteGrade LED systems

InteGrade gen 4 LED lighting solutions for retail displays make merchandize really shine; products and packaging stand out. In this way, Philips helps retailers deliver the ultimate shopping experience, and at the same time, save on energy.

Thanks to its minaturized slim design, plug and play simplicity, wide range of engine lengths, color temperatures, accessories give Philips InteGrade LED system gen 4 offers maximum design flexibility to build a variety of innovative systems stores are looking for.

Moreover an ultimate shopping experience can be created by the combination of the InteGrade LED system premium white and already available premium white spot lighting solutions enabling one look and feel in the store.



Key benefits

  • Miniaturized slim design for aesthetic integration that ensures attention is focused on the displayed products.
  • Enhanced whites and vivid colors thanks to premium white range with CRI of up to 95.
  • Natural colors with the standard color range thanks to LED with specially formulated CRI 90 LEDs.
  • Efficacy up to 137 lm/W.
  • Revolutionary optics optimized per application to direct the light exactly where you want it.
  • Continuous line of light to eliminate undesirable hot spots, glare, reflections.
  • Plug and play solution gives you the possibility to use continuous strips by daisy chaining different lengths 
  • Long lifetime of 50,000 hours with excellent lumen maintenance
  • 5-year Philips warranty for the modules in combination with the Philips LED power driver.