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Philips SpaceWise wireless technology

Why choose an LED luminaire with Philips SpaceWise wireless technology? Traditionally, controls systems have required complicated design, expensive commissioning, and additional material costs on top of an already expensive building project. The long time frame for payback made these systems a challenge to specify. With SpaceWise, you can have a solution with integrated sensors and wireless lighting controls, without extra wiring between luminaires or to the compatible wireless switches.

Philips SpaceWise wireless technology DT

The new Philips SpaceWise wireless technology with Dwell Time (DT) is a luminaire level lighting control system that delivers deep energy savings, eliminates any energy wastage and simplifies the commissioning process with an intuitive Android App (click link for a list of compatible phones). The APP also offers greater flexibility for users to create unique lighting groups and alter numerous sensor parameters.

  • Plug and Play lighting controls – no additional controls or wiring changes required.
  • Robust and reliable control solution provides instant benefits and peace of mind that your customer will appreciate.
  • Granular dimming feature along with dwell time enables for more soothing transition of light levels that is comfortable to occupants.
  • Makes your job easier because you don’t have to be a controls expert – intuitive interface via mobile app does not require expertise or extensive training.
  • Up to 75% energy savings due to integrated controls and advanced grouping.*
  • More cost effective than network controls options.

* Based on installation in the GSA-operated Metcalfe Federal Building located in Chicago, Illinois. This project was installed under the GSA Green Proving Ground Program.  Savings were 75% over US lighting average baseline and 69% over GSA average lighting baseline.  Go to for details.

SpaceWise DT Downloads

Click and download all of the materials that you need to specify, troubleshoot, review a compatible phone list, and register the App.

Compatible Luminaires


Spacewise DT App

Simplified & flexible

SpaceWise DT mobile App offers simplified commissioning and greater flexibility, making saving energy easy.

  • Visualize the commissioning steps on Philips field apps for Android devices.
  • Take charge of your installation, flexibility reconfigure the entire lighting group or only select luminaires.
  • Save the sensor settings as a unique profile on the cloud for future access and ease of recalling what was exactly implemented.
  • Read out energy consumption via NFC for individual fixtures.

SpaceWise SWZ Office Solutions


SpaceWise SWZ is designed for achieving sustainable objectives and brings you controls behaviors for the entire office suite. The dimming technology provides controls that maximize the energy savings by providing automated granular dimming in response to both occupancy sensing and daylight Switches (battery-free) and Scene Controllers comply with the ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 and California Title 24 code requirements.

Philips systems engineers calculated the optimum value features for standard office applications and pre-programmed them for you in SpaceWise SWZ. This allows us to offer you pre-packaged out-of-the-box application solutions, while also giving you the flexibility to tune the room light levels in the field.

SpaceWise for Office Downloads

Click and download all of the materials that you need to review, specify, and setup the system.

Compatible luminaires & wireless controls

SpaceWise SWZ Industrial Solutions

Today’s industrial facilities are tasked with improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. At the same time, the lighting required to facilitate the site’s continuous operation can account for a significant portion of overall operating expenses. The combination of SpaceWise Technology with energy efficient LED fixture can help you reduce these operating expenses by delivering up to 75% energy savings*.

Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your requirements, SpaceWise can help light your space efficiently and effectively. Best of all it comes in one package designed to fit your space – and because it’s wireless it’s easy to install and commission and simple to reconfigure should your needs change.

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SpaceWise for Industrial Downloads

Click and download all of the materials that you need to review, specify, and setup the system.

Compatible luminaires & wireless controls

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How to download and register the App

The Philips field Apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store. First-time users need to accept the conditions of use and then sign in with username and password, which can be requested at the registration link below. Sign-in is only required once per installation of the app. To have a successful sign-in, please make sure that the phone has internet access.

Two apps are available in Philips field Apps for configuring: EasySense NFC and EasySense IR. The EasySense IR app can be used to commission (group) luminaires with SpaceWise DT sensors and wireless switches.

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