Philips Service tag Making LED maintenance operations easier and faster

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Philips Service tag

LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend due to the high level of light quality and energy efficiency of LED technology. But maintenance of LED luminaires is more complex when compared to traditional HID sources. It requires different competences and processes. Yet the pressure for rapid fault finding and repair increases due to safety and efficiency reasons.

In order to be able to identify all individual products, service tag as a unique QR based identification system is placed on all next generation Philips luminaires, poles and boxes they are delivered in.

Please note that  currently the Philips Service tag is available for products manufactured and distributed within Europe only.

How does it deliver value to you?

By making the components uniquely identifiable, the Philips Service tag application delivers value by

  • Providing access to necessary lighting component information at the right time and place. For example, by simply scanning the QR code on a luminaire, relevant troubleshooting information can be viewed
  • Enabling smoother maintenance processes by providing relevant luminaire configuration information and identifying spare parts needed
  • Where LED products continue to change and upgrade over time, never guess again about the specific luminaire and the components inside.

Use cases

Before installation

All the boxes have been delivered, but how to get started?

By reading the tag on the box, you know exactly what’s in the box, and have all the information required for an easy & professional installation and commissioning – you save time, and avoid installation mistakes !

Luminaire registration

After installing the luminaire, simply read the tag from the app to register the product. It’s as simple as that! All Philips Roadway luminaires in North America come standard with a limited 10 year warranty. All other Outdoor LED products have a limited 5 year warranty. The registration process provides information on any spare parts that may be needed in the future specific to that luminaire.

If you are interested in a professional lighting management system, Philips can offer CityTouch to you. With the CityTouch mobile workflow app you can easily upload any asset data including the measured geolocation to allow for very effective asset data and workflow management. For more information just check out the CityTouch part.


A luminaire is not functioning in your street ? Don’t worry, the Service Tag app can help you.

You’ve put the additional sticker in the door of the pole on the day of installation, so you don’t need to immediately climb the ladder... Just scan the tag with the app and it will assist you with a troubleshooting guide, applicable to that given luminaire. The Service tag also enables you to register the complaint at Philips when the product is under warranty, for quicker service.

Diagnostic and spare parts

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Illustration 20

 The Service tag app also shows you the available spare parts for the particular product, and they are presented in the order of most probable cause.


Download the Philips Service tag app!

The age of digital luminaire maintenance is finally here! Download the Philips Service tag app today and start enjoying and on sport information and service!