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    Get Smart

    the easy way

    Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps with MasterConnect technology gives you hassle-free flexibility for ever-changing lighting needs

    Balancing energy savings with high performance


    50% or more energy saving vs. conventional lamps over its 50,000 hour lifetime with the use of dimming, occupancy sensing and/or daylight harvesting.


    App-based tool for easy zoning up to 50 TLEDs per switch


    Wireless technology, built on the ZigBee 3.0 open standard protocol allows easy integration of the TLEDs with a wide variety of control devices and systems. Encrypted to protect against unwanted intrusion, and allows secure OTA updates/upgrades at any time.

    Balancing plug and play technology with high tech functionality


    Lighting retrofit projects don’t have to be complicated. Philips InstantFit LED T8 with MasterConnect technology is the first and only wireless, network-capable linear lamp available in the market. By retrofitting your building with MasterConnect LED T8, you can save time, money and effort, while easily configuring the space to your personalized settings.


    Flexible wireless controls provide dimming and scene setting to adapt to different tasks and suit individual preferences, helping to promote productivity and comfort in the space.

    Balancing easy installation with advanced control


    With the MasterConnect LED T8 lamp, there is no need to replace existing ballasts, rewire the ceiling fixture or use specialized tools or skills. You can now group lamps to create zones or scenes without rewiring.  Configuration from your smart device reduces installation time, cost and complexity.


    An app-based tool allows installers to fine-tune the light during installation. This fully scalable system allows simple programming through advanced control and users can select manual or automated operation in an easy to set up method.


    There is no need for control panels, rewiring your light fixtures or sensors.  An easy to use app provides quick commissioning and minimal maintenance.


    From a single room to an entire building, retrofit LED lighting projects with advanced wireless controls just got faster and easier. Complementing the innovative Philips MasterConnect Technology, Leviton’s Lumina RF Controls are certified for compatibility and future-proof maintenance. This system quickly and easily delivers advanced wireless lighting controls to a linear retrofit project. With guaranteed product compatibility, Philips MasterConnect lamps and Leviton Lumina RF controls provide a complete LED lighting and control solution.