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    Philips InstantFit LED replacement for fluorescent lamps

    MasterClass vs CorePro - What are the differences?

    MasterClass family


    ·        Plastic lamp – shatter prevention1

    ·        Built-in surge & shock protection2

    ·        70k hour life3 & 7-year limited warranty4

    ·        No visible flicker5



    CorePro family


    ·        Available no visible flicker5

    ·        Built-in surge and shock protection2

    ·        Glass lamp

    ·        >320° illumination angle

    ·        Up to 50k hour life3 & 5-year limited warranty4



    Parking Garage
    Parking Garage
    Industry Stockroom
    Industry Stockroom

    LED Lamps Rebate Finder by Zip Code.

    Many utility companies offer great rebates on lamps which may significantly reduce upfront costs and create a very attractive return on your investment.
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    Download Spec Sheets: T5 & T8 LED

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    Download Spec Sheets: PLED

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    Philips InstantFit – This is real compatibility.

    Smarter experts know what real compatibility means when it comes to LED plug and play T8 lamps. Other lamps claim compatibility, but only InstantFit energy saving LEDs has been proven to work with 184 types of ballast, delivering even light output, proven energy savings and a long average lifetime. That’s REAL compatibility.
    Philips InstantFit table

    Philips InstantFit LED T8 with EasySmart technology

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