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    Primeset RDL LED system


    Philips LED lighting for refrigeration cases has a proven track record as a sustainable and energy-efficient way to create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers – while at the same time supporting retailers’ brand values. Thanks to their new, slim design, the PrimeSet RDL500 modules can be aesthetically integrated in the door frames of vertical door freezers. The modules’ unique integrated optical system directs the light in such a way that the products on display are presented uniformly, while reducing glare and dark spots.

    Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
    Prime set RDL 500


    application area freezer

    Key benefits


    • Ultra slim design with integrated optics.
    • Waterproof (IP rating: 65).
    • CRI greater than 85 for high color rendering
    • Light Level of 850 Lux significantly reduces energy consumption while providing excellent illumination of the product.
    • Each module can be center or side lit by applying a center or side cable.
    • Together with the center mounting profile the light distribution will be in two directions. With the side mounting profile the light distribution will be in one direction.
    • DLC listed as vertical refrigeration display case luminaire.
    • 5-year Philips warranty for the modules in combination with the Philips LED power driver.