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    Constant Voltage LED Power Driver


    Philips Constant Voltage LED Power drivers are built-in drivers specifically designed to ensure the highest performance with maximum robustness combined with a long lifetime.

    Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
    Constant Voltage LED Power Driver



    Key benefits


    • Suitable for built in use with insulation Class II applications
    • SELV operating voltages, ensuring safety even if wiring or LED boards become damaged
    • High efficiency
    • Best Electro-Magnetic Compatibility performance
    • High thermal margin for easy design-in
    • Household certified and compliant to the “Non-sparking ‘n’ electrical apparatus” requirements for refrigeration
    • Lifetime of 50khrs
    • Open load protection
    • Overheating and Overpower protection
    • Output short-circuit protection
    • Lower maintenance costs due to long lifetime and high survival rate
    • 5 years warranty