Philips MasterConnect

Connected lighting in no time, anytime

Philips MasterConnect is an innovative solution for seamlessly connecting lighting components together in order to deliver all the amazing benefits of lighting automation. It ensures the reliable interoperability of luminaires, drivers, sensors, switches, and even gateways. This is thanks to the use of standardized protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee. Our solution also offers the flexibility to upgrade, enhance and expand your connected lighting implementation at any time in the future.

Philips MasterConnect - Connected, simple, scalable and standardized

The main components of the Philips MasterConnect system are the Philips MasterConnect APP, EasySense MC sensors (LLLCs)  and compatible wireless switches. 

EasySense SNS211 MC & SNH211 MC

The highlights of the new EasySense MC sensors are:

  • All features of EasySense MC Sensors (Occupancy Sensing, Daylight Harvesting, Wireless Grouping, BLE/Flashlight based commissioning and Energy Reporting) supported by intuitive and easy to use iOS and Android APPs.
  • Larger networks: possibility to create group with up to 120 devices
  • Non-commissioned sensor behavior: daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing before commissioning.
  • Support for Philips SWS200 battery operated Zigbee Green Power switch.
  • Custom product naming: use of driver memory banks to change the name shown in the MasterConnect app
  • D4I Data on Zigbee: availability of D4I driver data on the Zigbee interface

OEMs: Foundation for a connected future

Incorporate Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensors as part of a standard fixture portfolio while saving design time and money:

  • One fixture design can work for energy savings and code compliance strategies, from per-fixture to fully networked solutions
  • Compatibility with Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED drivers eliminates the need for auxiliary devices and timeconsuming configuration issues; no power packs required
  • Simple two-wire connection from driver to sensor reduces design-in complexity and additional components that add to overall costs

Specifiers & ESCOs: Flexibility for your choice of controls

Specify Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensors as part of energy-saving and code-compliance strategies without hindering project time or aesthetics:

  • Integrated sensors blend within the luminaire, leaving the ceiling uncluttered
  • Occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting in one device
  • Makes per-fixture controls practical and cost-effective; eliminates hassle with ceiling wiring

Easily Add Wireless Switches

Easily Add Wireless Switches

EasySense works with applicable wireless switches. Sensors can be grouped to switches to enable on/off and dim-up/dim-down functionality, plus facilitate scene setting with dual-rocker switches for SNS200. Grouping is easily accomplished via the EasySense IR feature of the Philips field apps from floor level. Once grouped, sensor parameters can also be programmed for the group in one step without having to program each individual sensor.

MC App

Download the Philips MasterConnect app to commission and configure Master Connect System

Download the Philips MC control app for personal control of existing MasterConnect Group

Phased-out Products

OEMs: Foundation for a connected future
OEMs: Foundation for a connected future
OEMs: Foundation for a connected future

Need help with previous generation Philips EasySense products?

Find all documentation needed here: Previous Generation Sensors

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