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    Philips Field Apps


    Philips field apps are a suite of applications used to set various parameters of Philips products. Philips field apps are for a number of use cases:


    EasySense NFC: Program parameters of Philips EasySense Fixture-Mount Sensor

    • EasySense IR: Program parameters of Philips EasySense Fixture-Mount Sensor plus group EasySense to applicable wireless switches

    • Lumen Selection for EvoKit: Set specific light level of EvoKit in the field

    • LED DC-Fit T8 Lamps: Program Advance Xitanium SR LED Drivers to operate certain Philips LED DC-Fit T8 Lamps.


    These are B2B apps requiring authentication with user ID and password. You must register first before downloading the app. Once registered, you will have access only to your specific use case.


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