UV LED to disinfect your water

Water disinfection with UV-C LED module

UVC LED modules - Philips NaturalTrust range - image

The Philips NaturalTrust UV-C LED Modules are designed to disinfect ambient water (>8°C -sealed nut version) and cold water (<8°C -sealed nut version with cable). The UV-C LED module emits UV-C radiation which is designed to reduce micro-organisms by 99.9% to prevent them from growing in the water 1). This way it reduces the presence of unpleasant odors caused by bacteria accumulating in or on your device, therefore requiring less maintenance. Because of its small size, it fits appliances where conventional mercury discharge lamps cannot be integrated, such as refrigerators, coffee machines, ice makers etc. It is operating on low voltage DC below 24V. In cold conditions such as cold water reservoirs or refrigerators, there is no UV-C output drop like with conventional mercury discharge lamps.

1) In a study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health-PZH (Poland) in a laboratory setting, these LED UVC modules irradiating various samples of water inoculated with Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 (E-coli) inactivated 99.9% of E-coli in 20 minutes (1 liter sample), 30 minutes (2 liter sample) and 60 minutes (5 liter sample). For more details, please contact your local Philips representative.

 Features  Benefits
Can inactivate bacteria by up to 99.9%  Clean water
 Small size  Design flexibility
 Instant on/off  Instant irradiation
 Silicone housing*  Plug & play and compact sealed-to-water solution for water disinfection
 Low voltage
 Designed with safety in mind
 No UVC output drop in cold conditions**  Can be used in cold water, refrigerators,...
 On board electronics  Output independent from input voltage
 Low power  Low energy consumption
 Contains no mercury  Easy disposal

 * only for sealed UVC-LED modules

** for cable versions only