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Philips Horticulture’s plant specialists are some of the best partners a grower can have when it comes to using LED lighting in artificially lit cultivation, because they are specialized in growing crops under artificial light. Our plant specialists know light, so you have one less thing to keep you up at night.

Martin Boerema – horticulture plant specialist

Martin Boerema – horticulture plant specialist

Martin's fun fact: My wife and I run a small vineyard.
Favorite food: Healthy homecooked.
Favorite thing to do outside of work: Putter around house and vineyard, hiking.
Favorite city and why: Ojai is my favorite, beautiful setting away from cities, mountain hiking.

Colin Brice – horticulture plant specialist

Colin Brice – horticulture plant specialist

Colin's fun fact: My first language was Spanish and didn't learn English until age 5 but I am from an English speaking family​.
Favorite food: Gumbo​.
Favorite thing to do outside of work: Fight 1/2 acre with a push lawnmower and plant in the garden​.
Favorite place and why: Habana, Cuba because the scuba diving is pristine and reefs nearly untouched​.

Jan Chechalk– horticulture plant specialist

Jan Chechalk– horticulture plant specialist

Jan's fun fact: I also grow garlic.
Favorite food: Meatloaf.
Favorite activity when not working: Farm.
Favorite place and why: Toronto, because that's where the Blue Jays play.

Ted Fitzgerald – horticulture plant specialist

Ted Fitzgerald – horticulture plant specialist intern

Ted's fun fact: I practice/teach yoga​.
Favorite food: Yellow curry​.
Favorite activity outside of work: Surf​.
Favorite place and why: Los Osos for its cool coastal hikes and sand dunes​.

Dr. Sabrina Carvalho - horticulture plant specialist

Dr. Sabrina Carvalho - horticulture plant specialist

Sabrina Carvalho joined the horticulture team in 2019. She has a background in academic plant research, and she now applies that knowledge to translate scientific information and research performed at Signify into value for growers.

Dr. Celine Nicole – horticulture plant specialist

Dr. Celine Nicole – horticulture plant specialist

Dr. Céline C.S. Nicole-de Groot is a researcher at Philips since 2001 and program leader for the indoor farming research in the Netherlands. She has expertise in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, plant sciences, light and sensing technology. The last 14 years, she has accumulated expertise in technology, light for greenhouse and indoor horticulture. Specialized on Cannabis research since 2018 where she coordinates open innovation and University research on indoor farming.

Philips LED grow lights

Philips GreenPower LED​ toplighting compact

The easy, plug-and-play, 1-to-1 HPS replacement. Improve crop results and reduce energy costs while delivering the high light levels your cannabis crops require. The toplighting compact 1.2 is dimmable with Philips GrowWise Control System.

Philips GreenPower LED​ toplighting linear

Supplemental lighting or sole-source lighting for greenhouse cultivation for your indoor grow. Offers optimal uniformity and installation ease and flexibility for continuous or non-continuous line install. Glass covered diodes for easy cleaning. Passively cooled.

Philips LED GreenPower ​gridlighting

Ideal solution for commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and smaller grow operations. Specifically designed for cultivators growing on benches or tiered racking. 0-10 volt dimming and sized to fit a 4x4 area.

Philips toplighting grow lights used in state-of-art, high-tech grow facility

Learn how Michigan Pure Med in Marshall, Michigan is using Philips LED toplighting grow lights in their state-of-the-art, high-tech grow facility. Chief Cannabis Officer, Chad Zaki, explains the benefits of growing under Philips LEDs including key benefit that Philips GreenPower LEDs radiate minimal heat which makes it easier to manage the growing climate.

When we started looking at LEDs the best in class that we found was really Philips… the measure of the efficacy was one of the highest in the industry.
Chad Zaki - Chief Cannabis Officer


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