Sunterra Greenhouses partners with Philips LED lighting team to maximize year-round tomato and strawberry production with horticulture LED lighting 

Eindhoven, the Netherlands - Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, supplied Sunterra Greenhouses, in Acme, Alberta, Canada, with Philips GreenPower LED lighting in 2021. Sunterra has since reported two successful production cycles over their tomato and strawberry ranges. Installing Philips LED technology has proven to be a game-changer for Sunterra Greenhouses. Now Sunterra is providing Albertan consumers with quality, fresh tomatoes and strawberries all year round.

The driving force behind Sunterra's decision to incorporate LED lighting into its new greenhouse build was the desire for year-round production of quality fruit while managing their energy costs. In a region where natural light levels during the winter are often insufficient for predictable cultivation, supplemental greenhouse lighting is necessary to increase the light levels during the dark period. Sunterra’s newly-built Venlo greenhouses were outfitted with a hybrid solution of Philips LED toplighting compact and HPS lighting over their 17-acre range of tomatoes. The strawberry production area of 7.5 acres is lit with 100% LED consisting of Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact and Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp.

The strawberry greenhouse is lit by more than 1,000 Philips toplighting compact modules and almost 900 flowering lamps. The tomatoes are lit by more than 4,000 toplighting compact modules with the LED/HPS hybrid solution.

A winning partnership

Philips horticulture LED lighting was chosen during the vendor selection process after the team provided Sunterra with customized lighting designs, and investment and payback calculations. A team of Philips lighting key account managers, plant specialists, and application engineers from North America and the Netherlands created several different lighting scenarios and configurations.

Ries Neuteboom, Commercial Sales Leader, Philips LED lighting said, “representatives from Philips lighting have been in contact with Sunterra going back many years when the company began exploring the idea of growing strawberries. We are proud that Sunterra chose for Philips brand lighting for their new greenhouse build in 2021, and we are happy to continue supporting and partnering with Sunterra Farms as they grow and expand.” 

partnership between Sunterra Greenhouses and Philips LED lighting

The successful partnership between Sunterra Greenhouses and Philips LED lighting exemplifies the transformational potential of advanced horticulture lighting solutions. “We think of the Philips LED lighting team as our partner in this project; they have a vested interest in our success,” says Gabriel Forero, Head Grower, Sunterra Greenhouses.

Sunterra is a family business that has been operating since 1970. The company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation and excellence in crop production aligns seamlessly with Philips horticulture lighting’s mission to lead the lighting industry with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

As a vertically integrated operation, Sunterra sells its fresh strawberries and tomatoes in nine Sunterra Markets throughout Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. In addition, Sunterra's produce is available at local grocers and farmers’ markets. 

For further information, please contact:

Global Marcom Manager Horticulture at Signify
Daniela Damoiseaux
Tel: + +31 6 31 65 29 69

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