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Order Related Inquiries

For Distributor Partners (Ballasts, Lamps and Luminaires)


For Consumer Channel Lamps 
For Consumer Channel Luminaires (Philips, Thomas and Forecast)
For Original Equipment Manufacturers (Ballasts, Drivers, Modules, and Controls) 
800-372-3331 or email

Technical Support

For ALL Lamps AND Ballast inquiries 


For Consumer Luminaires
1-800-825-5844 prompt 3

Product Returns

Professional Luminaires

Lamps and Ballasts - Distribution


Lamps and Ballasts - OEM

1-800-372-3331, Option #2 OEM

Consumer Lamps and Ballasts


Consumer Luminaires


Other lighting divisions

(Aftermarket Inquiries)
Luminous Textile
Visit website
Philips Entertainment
Visit website
OLED Lighting
Visit website
Philips Color Kinetics
Visit website

Contact us form
Philips Lighting Technologies International (LTI)
(626) 480-0755
Philips Strand
Visit website

Strandlighting contacts page
European Products
not sold in North America

Contact us website
Philips Teletrol
Visit website

Contact us form
Philips Burton
Visit website
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