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Philips Lighting Controls

Philips delivers innovative and energy efficient lighting technology for indoor, outdoor, commercial, architectural, and entertainment applications. Use conventional or LED lighting fixtures with wallbox controls, occupancy and daylight sensors, networked systems, DMX, and many other protocols to design simple room control or breathtaking light-inspired experiences.

Indoor Controls

Manage your office, school or other indoor lighting effectively and efficiently with an attractive, easy to use lighting control system.

Philips Lighting Controls – Indoor

Outdoor Controls

Facilitate safety and efficiency with a lighting control system designed for outdoor applications such as roadways and parking garages.

Philips Lighting Controls – Outdoor

Philips Teletrol - Multi-Site

Philips Teletrol provides building automation and integration solutions that help you manage energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and lower operating costs.

Philips Teletrol– Multi-Site


As the global lighting solutions leader, Philips develops and delivers innovative technology to enhance your image and position in the market.

Philips Lighting Controls – OEM

Philips Color Kinetics

Philips Color Kinetics uses innovative LED fixtures to deliver digitally controllable light for interior and exterior applications.

Philips Color Kinetics

Philips Strand Lighting

Philips Strand Lighting delivers conventional and LED fixtures, dimming equipment, and control systems for entertainment and architectural applications.

Strand Lighting



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