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Luminous Spec Quarterly Newsletter


This visually-inspiring newsletter provides the lighting specification community with opportunities to hear from other lighting designers, see innovative ways to use lighting, learn about the latest product advancements, and read about important industry information. It’s the perfect way to keep abreast of projects within North America and around the globe. This quarterly newsletter is published in print and digital formats so you can select either or both.

Current Edition: Summer 2016

Published in June


“......learn from nature and apply it to the way we design”


- Nancy Clanton


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Some of our past editions:  

Spring 2016


“...we’re in a revolution unlike anything we’ve seen in modern day" - Charles Thompson


Winter 2015


“…there’s nothing more powerful in establishing mood and atmosphere than light.” - Galina Zbrizher


Fall 2015


“It’s about editing the design; editing it to where it really pops.”

- Anne Kustner Haser


Summer 2015


“….understanding the science of lighting provides you with the freedom to be creative” – Paul Mercier


Spring 2015


“…a strong team with a common goal of building something special and impactful for our clients.” – Helen Diemer



Winter 2014


“Painting pictures with light is really about creating an image that is so wonderful that the viewer wants to keep it” – Paul Gregory



Fall 2014


“Lighting is a unique medium that has a magical power. It allows us to transform our environments and create new experiences for people” - Barbara Horton


Summer 2014


“Lighting design is so fascinating and influences all apsects of life – that’ the inspiring part.” – Randy Burkett



Spring 2014


“Lighting is always a symphony with other instruments and it’s important everything falls together.” - Larry French



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