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XL now stands

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Albert Heijn XL
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

A visit to the recently remodeled AH XL (XL now stands for 'extra delicious') is a truly unique experience. In addition to a pizza chef with a stone oven and various small kitchens where chefs prepare fresh meals, AH provides customers with plenty of inspiration thanks to many new products and fresh produce departments.
Albert Heijn XL Eindhoven-Philips Lighting 1

Our customers enjoy
a warm and

lively atmosphere. Color temperatures and renderings ensure that each department is displayed in its best light to entice and inspire customers. Initial reactions from customers, trade media and supermarket experts have been very positive."


- Dijana Cicak, European Concept Director at Ahold

Albert Heijn XL Eindhoven-Philips Lighting 3

Customers challenge


The store is tastefully decorated using sustainable materials and the roof is equipped with 1,200 solar panels for generating green energy. Fitting the entire indoor and outdoor environment with energy efficient LED lighting while trying to maximize the customer experience with the best illumination possible seemed to be a logical next step. Philips was up to the challenge.

Albert Heijn XL Eindhoven-Philips Lighting 4

The right lighting


The lighting plan for the store is, in many respects, particularly innovative compared to that of other supermarkets. This is mainly because different color temperatures are used, which Philips calls 'light recipes', in order to make all departments and different types of food stand out and look delicious.

Furthermore, all spots are dimmable thanks to the Dali protocol with Dynalite controls. Due to the absence of linear lighting, fresh produce departments and dry grocery shelves are given equal importance.

The entrance area, which has been transformed into a marketplace, makes the biggest impression. Local suppliers sell their goods behind various stalls. To create a real "outdoor market" atmosphere, beautiful cylindrical Philips Modular Flatmoon fixtures are fitted indoors and outdoors along the enormous glass facade. Selecon spots - which are normally used in the entertainment industry - project a leaf pattern onto the floor, as though the sun is shining through the trees. The lighting in the marketplace adjusts intuitively throughout the course of the day in three stages: in the daytime the intensity of the lighting is 100%, at dusk this dims to 60% and in the evening the light dims again to 30%. Thus, upon entry, the customer is guaranteed a unique experience at any time of day.


The outdoor feel is also maintained at the checkout area. Here, 300 mini Stealth outdoor fixtures ensure a pleasant daytime lighting experience, so that the transition outdoors is as comfortable as possible. Dijana Cicak, European Concept Director at Ahold says: "The shop is extremely warm and inviting, partly due to the lighting plan. Initial reactions from customers, trade media and supermarket experts have been very positive."

Dynalite controls

Dynalite controls


Lighting control made easy. Dynalite offers automated light operation that meets your preferences and saves energy.


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Understanding the nature of light in architecture, design and art.


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Albert Heijn XL

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