Bringing a fresh feel to
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Furnitureland South

High Point, North Carolina

See how Furnitureland South is wowing customers with inviting lighting.
Philips retail lighting in use at Furnitureland South

Furnitureland South


and tested various LED (PAR38) lamp brands. Lamp performance, warranty, rebate, and price worked out in favor of Philips.”


- Tony Moore, Purchasing Manager

Philips retail lighting in use at Furnitureland South

Customer challenge


With over a million square feet of showroom space, Furnitureland is the largest furniture store on the planet. However, its success is down to quality as well as quantity of merchandise. Wanting to show its furniture in the best possible light, the store sought a luxurious lighting upgrade.

Philips retail lighting in use at Furnitureland South

The right lighting 


In order to provide a world-class shopping experience, the huge space in the store needed just the right lighting. Furnitureland South wanted illumination that would bring out the correct colors of home furnishings, fabrics and finishes, helping customers to make buying decisions. As a secondary goal, the new lighting system had to reduce the store’s energy costs and deliver maximum sustainability.

Furnitureland South put various lamp brands through their paces before choosing Philips. Tony Moore, Purchasing Manager of Furnitureland South, explained the decision: “We researched and tested various LED (PAR38) lamp brands over a period of six months, considering all aspects before deciding to partner with Philips Lighting. This is a performance item, so we could not base our purchase decision on price alone. This was also a big investment, and we were especially pleased that factors such as lamp performance, warranty, rebate, and price worked out in favor of Philips Lighting.”


To create the perfect in-store atmosphere, Furnitureland South settled on the ground-breaking Philips EnduraLED PAR38 17W 2700K. The lamp’s high-quality light performance was used to create a dramatic atmosphere that encourages customers to explore the store. In addition, the color rendering delivered by the cutting-edge lighting system accentuates the quality of the furniture, making merchandise truly irresistible. With a state-of-the-art lighting system in place, Furnitureland South has reduced its annual energy costs by $262,954. The savings will repay the installation costs in only 14 months – a short amount of time for such an immense installation.

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