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    Philips home office lighting

    Learn how to best light your home office to stay focused

    Make light work


    Your home can make a great workplace. We can show you how to use our LED bulbs to create the perfect home office lighting atmosphere. You can work in a relaxed, but productive manner and make light work for whatever task you have at hand.

    Home office lighting ideas

    Ceiling light in a home office setting
    Overall brightness

    Ceiling office lighting


    A ceiling light fulfils the need for general lighting in order to bring a basic illumination into the room, which is important to support your eyes and prevent tiredness. You will want to choose a bulb with bright white light, so try one of our household A-shape bulbs.

    A table lamp on a desk aimed at paper and pen
    Focus on your work

    Desk lighting


    The right desk lighting is essential to every home office. Reading a book, using the computer, or making a phone call all requires lighting to fit the scene. You might want to choose a SceneSwitch bulb where you are in control.

    An adjustable lamp fixated at a wall
    Accent lighting 

    Home office floor lamps


    Paintings, photographs, or furniture can be accentuated with floor or wall lamps. Highlight these items to give them the attention they deserve. Philips LED spots and capsules are ideal for accent lighting.

    A stylish design desk lamp
    Work in style

    Decorative lighting


    Lights can be used for more then just a functional purpose. Choose your lights to complement your furniture and underline your individual style. Try vintage LED for that nostalgic look or our A15 for a functional decorative light.

    two people reading the newspaper under a dim luminaire
    Read and write

    Dimmable lights


    For reading and writing, a combination of functional and general lighting is recommended. Dimmable lighting can reduce the tiredness of your eyes.

    a man working at home under a smart luminaire
    For every activity 

    Philips Hue smart light 


    Coloured light or mood light can help you concentrate on your work. Philips Hue lets you set the perfect light with the right settings for each activity.

    Popular home office products 

    • LED Bulb



      • 14.5W (100W)
      • Medium Screw base
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable
    • LED Bulb



      • 13.5W-100W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 5.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 6.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable

    Lighting your office

    two people creating a light plan at a well lit desk
    Place your desk lamp opposite of your dominant hand in order to prevent shadows while reading or writing
    a desk lamp and a laptop sitting on a desk
    Protect your screen from direct sunlight or the lightbeam of your desk lamp. This is easier on the eyes and increases readability.
    a man working at home at a cluttered desk
    Make sure your desk lamp illuminates all of your working space while preventing glare to easily find what you need.

    Home office lighting videos 


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of light for your home office

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Set the mood

    LED color temperature color of light

    Color temperature