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    Philips hallway lighting

    First impressions count, so let your hallway provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere

    Welcome home


    Find the right bulb for every fixture. From brilliant bright white light to soft warm dim light, well lit hallways play a functional role in guiding you and your guests into your home.

    Hallway lighting ideas

    Ceiling light in a hallway
    Overall brightness

    Hallway celing light


    Each hallway needs a basic light in order to illuminate the room evenly. Hallway ceiling lights are especially suitable for this purpose. Try our A-shaped or B11 functional bulbs, or choose for a more decorative bulb.

    Candle bulbs on both sides of a hallway mirror
    A cozy entrance

    Hallway wall lighting


    Indirect lighting on the walls helps to make it cosier and more welcoming, as well as enhancing the first impression of your home. Try our G25 bulbs for hallway decorative bulbs.

    Hallway spot lights highlighting a nice vase
    For large hallways

    Accent lighting


    Larger hallways can be accentuated with spot lights, which create an even illumination and helps you properly see where you are going. Choose Philips A15 for a decorative accent light to show off your hallway.

    A table lamp on a desk in the hallway
    Decoration lights

    Hallway table lamp lights


    Table lamps on drawers or sideboards can be used to create warm islands of light.  Philips dimmable LED bulbs with a warm glow effect are perfect for creating the right ambience for your hallway, matching the right mood for you.

    Ceiling spotlights in the hallway aimed at coats

    Lighting for coats and mirrors


    Wardrobes can be enhanced by downlights or spotlights from a wire, rod, or power track system. For mirrors, its best to choose a bulb with a glare-free soft light. Try Philips G25 for mirror lights.

    a man about to enter the front door is awaited by his dog
    Light that welcomes you home

    Philips Hue smart light


    Colourful LED lamps and lights can create a spectacular scene in your hallway. Coloured lighting can set unique accents in your hallway, set up these smart lights to welcome you home.

    Popular hallway products

    • LED Bulb



      • 14.5W (100W)
      • Medium Screw base
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable
    • LED Bulb



      • 13.5W-100W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 5.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 6.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable

    Lighting your hallway

    A lamp with a bulb that has a warm cozy glow
    For a warm welcome, use dimmable light. Dimmable LED bulbs with a warm glow effect provide a cosy glow - the more you dim, the warmer the light.
    Two images of strawberries with low and high color rendering
    Use natural light in your hallway. Hallway lamps should be able to deliver a high quality colour rendering. 
    A room split in three different settings with each their own type of lighting
    Bright light to get started in the morning, a cosy glow to come home to at night: SceneSwitch provides the right light for all parts of the day, no dimmer needed.

    Hallway lighting videos


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of light for your hallway.

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Setting the mood with lighting

    LED color temperature color of light

    Light color temperature