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    Philips bedroom lighting

    Learn how to optimally light your bedroom to wind down or get up energized

    Not just for sleeping


    Besides nightly rest, the bedroom is a place for relaxation, using our phones, watching TV, or reading a book. The ultimate place for wellbeing requires the right light to fulfill your different needs.

    Bedroom lighting tips

    Ceiling light in the bedroom
    Dimmable, soft and warm

    Bedroom ceiling lights

    Choose soft and warm light in the bedroom. You don’t want your bedroom lights too dim in the morning or too bright at night. We suggest a dimmable LED bulb for bright light to find your clothes, or dimmed light to wind down after a long day.

    A warm glowing light on a night stand
    Personal LEDs

    Night stand lights

    With a personal lamp on the side of the bed you can read or go to sleep with ease. Our LED dimmable bulbs with warm glow effect offer a warm white light that is perfect for the bedroom.

    Closeup of accent lighting
    Create atmosphere

    Accent lighting

    Use different types of accent lighting to highlight your favorite decor and create that perfect mood. Wall lights or directional spots are well suited for this. LED spots and capsules are ideal for accent lighting.

    A table light next to a comfy chair
    Highlighting your heroes

    Bedroom floor and table lamps

    Highlight a chair or a decorative piece using LED spots and capsule. Other great items to highlight with wall light or spot can be paintings, pictures, or mirrors on the wall.

    Mother and children with a night light
    Smart lights

    Philips Hue smart light


    Discover Philips Hue and transform your home with smart lighting. Control it with your voice, wireless controls, or with the free app.

    Popular bedroom products

    • LED Bulb



      • 14.5W (100W)
      • Medium Screw base
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable
    • LED Bulb



      • 13.5W-100W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 5.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Daylight
    • LED Bulb



      • 6.5W-40W
      • E26
      • Soft White
      • Non-dimmable

    Warm white light for the bedroom

    A comfy bed lit by warm lighting spots
    Recommended for
    the bedroom
    extra warm glow visual

    Extra warm white

    Up to 2700K

    soft white glow visual

    Warm white

    2700K - 3000K

    bright white glow visual

    Neutral white

    3001K - 4000K

    cool daylight glow visual

    Cool white

    Over 4000K


    The bedroom is your sanctuary. It is a place for relaxation, reading a book, watching TV and even using our phones. Having the right light to accommodate your space needs makes all the difference.

    Bedroom lighting videos


    Watch these videos to learn about the best kind of lighting for your bedroom.

    Dimmable LED bulbs

    Setting the mood with lighting

    LED color temperature color of light

    Light color temperature