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    The everyday LED bulb.

    Classic look.

    High performance.

    When quality light is all you need.


    Replicating the beautiful, sparkling light of standard bulbs, functional LED bulbs feature either a classic all-glass or basic plastic design. Long-lasting and energy efficient, these LED bulbs provide up to 90% energy savings, compared to standard incandescent and halogen bulbs, so you can enjoy the look you love with the performance you expect from LEDs.

    The qualities of functional LED

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    Why go for LED?

    Icon of a light bulb and a shining sun

    Warm white light

    Create a warm, cozy atmosphere with LED lighting.
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    Energy efficient

    Longer lifetime and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources.
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    Quality of light

    Enjoy perfect light quality, instant on with no warm up time.
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    Create the right atmosphere with dimmable LED lighting.

    Different types of functional LED bulbs

    Household A-shape


    Ideal for use in table lamps and floor lamps in family rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Provides general light for everyday tasks like reading and working on the computer.

    In- and outdoor flood lights


    Use indoor in family rooms or the kitchen, or use as outdoor lighting. Provides bright light for tasks like general room lighting, enhancing outdoor landscaping, or general outdoor lighting.

    Decorative candle


    Great for use in decorative fixtures in the kitchen, dining room, and entry hallway. Provides soft, dimmable light to set the mood for watching a movie or a romantic dinner.

    Choose a Bulb


    Always find what you need with our wide collection of bulbs. Browse by base, shape, or application.

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