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    Rethinking intersections:
    Keeping pedestrians safe
    with data and better light

    Underlining the connection between light and pedestrian safety

    Research shows that while U.S. roads are becoming safer for drivers, they’re getting more dangerous for pedestrians. The statistics indicate most fatalities occur in urban areas and particularly at intersections, with a significant increase at night.


    Findings of the report suggest that a lack of sufficient lighting at crosswalks and intersections is one of the primary factors that leads to incidents between pedestrians/cyclists and motorists. This report was created to highlight the issues surrounding road safety, specifically pedestrian and cyclist safety at crosswalks, and to examine potential lighting solutions to this problem.


    Typically, crashes involve some combination of driver behavior, an unexpected event, or an existing unsafe condition (within which we may categorize lighting). This report explores crashes and near-crashes, and considers what lighting can do to help drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike.

    In the report:


    • Highlights the connection between lighting and road safety
    • Explores the main issues surrounding pedestrian and cyclist safety
    • Success stories of Sweden's Vision Zero

    Close to 20% of fatalities in road accidents in the United States are pedestrian fatalities, with 74% of these fatalities occurring in urban areas. In all, almost three-quarters of pedestrian fatalities occur at night.”

    Vision Zero Network, Pedestrian lighting, pedestrian safety

    Philips Lighting and Vision Zero Network

    Philips Lighting teamed up with the Vision Zero Network to highlight the connection between quality lighting and pedestrian safety in cities. The free webinar was held on April 26th and focused on practical, real-world solutions that leverage connected LED lighting to improve public safety to advance your Vision Zero goals. See details here.



    Get the full report to learn more about how lighting could keep pedestrians safer.

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