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    Lighting Solutions
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    Outdoor Lighting Retrofit Applications

    Philips Lighting has multiple options within its lighting portfolio to help you create and deliver value to your customers outdoors to improve safety and manage energy efficiency.
    Outdoor Lighting Retrofit Applications

    Exterior Building Solutions


    Philips Lighting as a range of outdoor wall mounted LED lighting to meet the aesthetic requirements of your customer including basic functionality to controllable LED fixtures with higher light quality.


    LytePro Wall sconces: The architecturally styled LytePro LED Wall Sconce is a compact LED luminaire designed for exterior wall mounting in commercial and residential applications. It is ideal for general-purpose illumination along perimeters, entrances and garages for safety and security installations as well as accent lighting around buildings. Available in small LP7,  medium LP16 and large LP32.


    101 LED and 104 LED: Controllable LED Luminaire wall sconces with a traditional, higher light quality that is customizable.

    LytePro Exterior Lighting

    Pole Solutions


    Philips LED replacement lighting for site and area provide maximum utility and performance for outdoor lighting management needs.


    • EcoForm Site and Area: Designed to utilize the existing pole with an accessory arm for retrofitting to existing drill patterns.  This design will help manage the labor risk associated with retrofitting existing equipment.   Each pole is already drilled for the existing fixture, and because the contractor doesn’t have to re-drill, the contractor can achieve significant time savings (approximately 30 minutes) during installation.


    PowerForm: Unique opportunity to replace two existing HID fixtures on a single pole with one LED fixture on the same pole.  In many existing parking lots, there are typically four 1,000W HID fixtures on a single pole. Two of the PowerForm fixtures can be retrofitted to this pole and application to reduce the number of light fixtures and optimize energy performance and life.

    EcoForm & PowerForm - Pole Solutions