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    Smart Buildings

    Let's work better


    The work environment is changing rapidly. Technology and personalization are bringing new opportunities and challenges to how workspaces are designed and managed from employees’ working habits to personal control of the office environment.


    The Smart Buildings hub is all about sharing insights from industry-leading developers, designers, building owners and their blue chip occupants. Everything you need to know to keep pace with this fast-moving sector and create a happier, more productive workplace.

    Let's make the world better

    Enabling this change is the Smart Building. Intelligent and responsive, it integrates the latest developments in the Internet of Things ( loT ) and always-on communications to deliver data-driven insights that:



    • increase productivity
    • enhance occupant happiness and well-being
    • improve sustainability and
    • optimize service delivery and operations


    Bring the Internet of Things to life


    At Lightfair 2016, Philips and Cisco joined together to show how we are bringing the Internet of Things to life to take lighting “Beyond Illumination”. This panel presentation provided insights into how lighting and IoT are delivering additional value for businesses.


    Click on the link below for topics featured at our IoT roundtable.

    The Edge, Amsterdam, 
    The Netherlands

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