Programmable Motion Response

    Programmable Motion Response - your reactive stand-alone dimming solution

    Programmable Motion Response

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        Programmable Motion Response maximizes your outdoor lighting energy savings while supporting security efforts. Upon easy installation, Programmable Motion Response dims your outdoor LED luminaire to a low light output, increases to a high light output only when motion is detected, and returns to the original low output after a defined time. Motion-based dimming may prolong theLED luminaire and electrical component lifespans, for significant energy and cost savings during unoccupied periods. Preprogrammed or customized settings control light, duration, and sensitivity levels, as well as daylight sensing for even more energy savings. Settings are easily changed at the luminaire with an optional wireless handheld programmer, and custom factory based programs are also available.


        Easily meet local regulations and energy code requirements such as California Title 24 and ASHRAY
        Maximize energy saving without compromising sense of security
        Offered in a wide product offering for lighting applications such as garage, S&A, wall mount and floods


        Available for mounting height from 8’ to 40’ for wide product
        Fully adjustable high and low dimmed light levels; optional dusk to dawn and daylight harvesting control
        Adjustable low light level time delay and luminaire turn off delay
        Pre-programmed in factory and fully adjustable on site via handheld wireless configuration tool


        Parking Garages
        Parks and Plazas
        Light Commercial
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