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    OccuSwitch Classic Wallbox

    OccuSwitch - a smart move

    OccuSwitch Classic Wallbox

    OccuSwitch Classic Wallbox

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        OccuSwitch wall switch and low voltage occupancy sensors automatically turn lights off when a work space is unoccupied, saving energy and creating a more sustainable work environment. The ceiling mounted sensor communicates with a network of wall switches and dimmers. Using a combination of ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) technology, the sensor recognizes room occupancy or vacancy for maximum performance and energy savings.


        Saves energy and lamp life by adjusting light level based on occupancy
        Ceiling and wall mounted sensors communicate with a network of wall switches and dimmers
        Operates in a wide variety of low and high voltage applications
        Stylish, low profile design blends into any professional setting


        Uses passive intrared and/or ultrasonic sensing technology to detect small and large motion
        Fits in standard wallbox space and gangable with other devices
        Low profile design eliminates obtrusive “scanning-device”
        Convenient push-buttons provides manual on/off light
        switching at any time


        Specification Sheets
        • Specifications Wall switch sensor - PIR, single switch, 120/277VAC PDF 296.0 kB
        • Specifications Wall switch sensor - multi-tech single switch, 120/277VAC PDF 405.3 kB
        • Specifications Wall switch sensor, multi-tech dual switch, 120/277VAC PDF 318.3 kB
        • Leaflet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 282.0 kB
        • Leaflet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 284.7 kB
        • Leaflet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 284.7 kB
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