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        Coded Mains is a way to communicate dimming information over mains power wiring to a large set of luminaires.A transmitter sends a 3-phase coded signal (dimming information) over the mains wiring, which is decoded in the luminaires.
        The signal is small (2 V or 2.6 V) such that other devices on the same mains grid are not affected. The signal is low frequency (150 Hz or 180 Hz) such that it reaches several kilometers.
        Philips LED drivers are available which decode the Coded Mains signal directly. For other drivers a small external receiver is available.Coded Mains can be used like phase cut dimming but without the limitations of such – low power factor, EMC issues and no 3-phase control.



        LFC7710/00 Coded Mains Transmitter LCU7720/00 Coded Mains Transformer LLLCU7725/00 Coded Mains Transformer LNLLC7730/00 Coded Mains Receiver LNLLC7740/00 Coded Mains Receiver Adaptor


        Road and street - for use in conjunction with remote light management system for retrofit group dimming application.
        Tunnels - for use in conjunction with tunnel control system for retrofit tunnel stage control.
        Sports - for use in conjunction with local GUI to control sports field lighting.
        Area lighting - for use to control parking lots, industrial areas, etc.
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