MasterClass LED PL 4pin 2pin

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    MasterClass LEDtube PL 4pin 2pin
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        The MasterClass LED Type A - Ballast Driven (Plug and Play) InstantFit lamps are a great LED solution suitable for replacing both 2-pin and 4-pin CFL fluorescent lamps, using the existing ballast. Both vertical and horizontal options are available with the horizontal version having a rotatable end cap to ensure the light is correctly aimed. A wide range of color temps and lumen packages are available.


        Offers lowest cost of installation and easiest upgrade fluorescent CFL's to LED technology
        Dimmable product available for additional savings
        Reliable performance - color and lumen maintenance with excellent lighting uniformity


        Average life rating of 50,000 hours with unmatched ballast compatibility
        Shatter-resistant polycarbonate construction
        Philips proprietary safety features
        DLC, NSF and RoHS listed
        Conventional form factor to fit into existing luminaires


        Office and education
        Residential and multi-family complexes
        Retail and hospitality
        Photometry/BIM Files
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