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    Halogená Energy Advantage "GLS"

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    Halogená Energy Advantage "GLS"

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        Philips Halogená® Energy Advantage Lamps use less energy while maintaining bright, crisp, white halogen light. Available in traditional lamp shapes to fit most incandescent fixtures. Halogená Energy Savers work with dimmer switches, and are available in the familiar “A” and decorative shapes. Use them in your existing fixtures and your home will look great while you save energy.


        Use less energy while maintaining bright, crisp, white halogen light.
        Traditional lamp shapes you are accustomed to fit into standard fixtures
        Energy savings- Save 33% energy costs when you replace a 60W incandescent wth a 40W T60 Halogená® Energy Advantage bulb+. Save up to 38% in energy costs when you replace a 40W incandescent with a 25W Halogená® Energy Advantage decorative bulb+. Save up to 33% when you replace a 60W incandescent with a 40W Halogena Energy Advantage decorative bulb.†
        †(Existing wattage - new wattage) divided by Existing wattage = % of energy cost savings


        Direct replacement for incandescent bulbs.
        Bright, crisp,white halogen light.
        Traditional lamp shapes.
        Fully dimmable.
        Long life. Great energy savings and longer life than comparable incandescent lamps
        Meets efficacy requirements of existing legislation- EISA 2007 (Energy independence and SecurityAct of 2007).
        3000 hours rated average life*.
        Environmentally friendly—contains NO mercury.
        Available in "A" shape: 40, 50, and 70 watts; F10.5 Decorative candleabra and medium bases: 25 and 40 watts.
        *Rated average life is the length of operation (in hours) at which point an average of 50% of the lamps will still be operational and 50% will not.


        Ideal for table lamps and floor lamps in hospitality and residential applications.
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