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    Delivering peace of mind
    to your site

    SiteWise area lighting management system

    Provide a sense of security for visitors while saving energy, adhering to local code requirements, and meeting your business objectives. 


    Introducing Philips SiteWise, the complete area lighting management system featuring patented central dimming technology. SiteWise utilizes existing wiring, making installation and commissioning simple. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to set dimming schedules around the needs of your site.

    Site and area lighting applications are diverse.
    Managing them doesn’t have to be complicated.

    SiteWise allows you to manage wall sconces, bollards, floodlights and arm-mounted luminaires under one simple control system.

    Peace of mind

    Know the lights will be
    on when you need them

    We understand that as a building owner or property manager, maintaining a sense of security is top of mind. SiteWise allows you to easily schedule lighting for different times of day and levels of activity.

    Energy efficiency

    See how sustainability can be

    When you combine LED technology with controls, you experience additional energy savings versus just LED alone. This results in a quick payback that can help you meet your budget objectives.

    Ease of use

    Experience system
    benefits immediately

    Philips SiteWise is a simple, out-of-the-box system. There is no re-wiring required so installation is not disruptive. Set-up is quick and easy so you can operate almost immediately. Once installed, an intuitive user interface makes it easy for authorized users to set and update schedules based on your site’s specific needs.

    Maximize your return on investment

    How the system works

    Luminaire compatibility


    SiteWise is compatible with a wide range of LED luminaires from Philips Lighting’s outdoor portfolio. Applications include, site and area, wall mount, floodlights, and bollards.

    Wall mount

    Combine the flexibility, and energy-savings benefits of your 
    parking lot lighting with your in-store control 

    Integrate your outdoor and indoor retail lighting and experience even more savings with LED lighting and control.


    Philips StoreWise