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    Sensor ready,

    designed for Smart cities

    Sensor ready luminaire enable current and future smart city applications 

    The digital revolution and the Internet of Things presents exciting opportunities for cities to benefit from future innovations in connectivity. But advances in technology happen so quickly, it can be difficult to decide when to opt in. The SR (Sensor ready) architecture gives you a future-proof foundation that you can build on whenever your city is ready to opt into new advances in technology. It is designed to work with industry-recognized, futureproof drivers and sensors that have the potential to increase energy efficiency and collect different types of data. By ordering Sensor Ready options today, you can migrate to a dynamic world of sensor-rich lighting - whenever you’re ready. 

    Lighting system and software applications
    help cities become smarter when they are:

    Sensor ready is a simple solution


    • Cost-effective and easy to use
      The existing lighting infra-structure is already in place.

    • Flexible
      Straightforward, plug and play solutions.


    • Attractive
      Unobtrusive lighting systems fit into the urban landscape.
    Sensor ready is an open solution


    • No proprietary technology
      The use of widely-accepted standards promotes adoption and ensures compatibility.

    • Freedom of choice
      Seamlessly connect luminaires from different providers.
    Sensor ready is an innovative


    • IoT-ready
      Add sensing, measurement, connectivity and additional intelligence to outdoor lighting networks.
    Sensor ready is a scalable solution


    • Future-proof
      Solutions are designed with future requirements in mind.

    Features and benefits of being Sensor ready

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    The SR Certified program

    If you're looking for connected lighting functionality beyond the basic capabilities of our components, the place to start is our SR Certified Partner program. It includes all companies whose components and sensors have been certified as being compatible with Philips Xitanium SR drivers and connectors.


    It's a seal of approval to help you find partners to supply complementary components for your connected luminaires.

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    Luminaire compatibility

    Overview of SR certified luminaires