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    The logical solution for retrofitting

    Philips is a trusted brand, has time proven products, and is an innovator. Now we have designed a T8 LED retrofit lamp that is the perfect solution making the move from fluorescent to energy saving LEDs simple. The ballast bypass (UL Type B) solution has everything needed built into the lamp, energy savings, long life, surge suppression and industry leading safety features. Click on the video to the right to see just how simple the change can be.

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    Easy install

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    Philips MainsFit (UL Type B/Ballast bypass) T8 LED lamps use a double-ended design which significantly simplifies installation saving time on the job site because It can be used with both shunted and non-shunted sockets1.

    Energy savings

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    Proven over 40% energy savings2 compared to traditional fluorescent systems and an average life rating of 50,000 hours3 means less maintenance costs resulting in more satisfied customers.


    1 For proper operation, unshunted sockets must be shunted.  See Quick Install Guide for details.

    2 Savings based on comparison to F32T8 electronic instant start systems

    3 Tested to B50 L70 requirement

    Peace of mind

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    A lamp that is not only manufactured by a trusted brand, but also carries all the industry recognized classifications and ratings to give you, and your customers the quality assurance that you both demand. Listings/Ratings: CuL/UL Certified, DLC Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NSF Rated.

    Where should I use the MainsFit T8 solution?

    Classroom Mainsfit
    Busy office mainsfit
    Woman in warehouse mainsfit
    Hotel lobby mainsfit
    Schools and Universities, Offices, Light Industrial, & Hospitality to name a few, but just use your imagination.

    Download Spec Sheets: MainsFit (UL Type B) LED T8 Lamps

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