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    MasterClass vs CorePro vs Contractor-grade – What are the differences?

    Philips MasterClass LED lamps

    Philips MasterClass

    The MasterClass line of LED lamps provides exceptional high-quality lighting that exceeds industry energy efficiency requirements, features improved lifespan, and offers unique quality features in many categories.
    Philips CorePro LED lamps

    Philips CorePro

    The CorePro line of LEDs are perfect for value-added lighting needs across a wide range of applications, meets industry efficiency standards, and minimizes maintenance and energy costs for quick payback.
    Philips MasterClass LED lamps

    Philips Contractor-grade

    The Contractor line of LED lamps offers reliable, basic lighting that meets industry efficiency standards and delivers affordable solutions from a trust-worthy brand leader.
    Expanded premium portfolio
    Wide-ranging professional-grade portfolio
    Focused range of contractor-grade portfolio enabling fast payback
    Up to 70,000 hours
    Up to 50,000 hours
    Starting at 11,000 hours
    Enhanced features such as warm glow dimming effect
    Standard features
    Standard features
    Up to 7-year warranty
    Up to 5-year warranty
    TLED - 5-year warranty
    Color Rendering
    CRI 90+
    CRI 80+
    CRI starting at 80
    Product Construction/Material
    Premium materials
    Standard materials
    Standard materials
    We’ve created the Philips Masterclass, the Philips CorePro, and the Philips Contractor-grade categories to make it easier for you to instantly identify the precise level of quality, efficiency, and value you need for the application at hand.

    Rebate Finder. Save, reduce & stay competitive

    Many utility companies offer great rebates on lamps which may significantly reduce upfront costs and create a very attractive return on your investment.

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    LED lamps cross reference


    To simplify the transition from conventional lamps to LED lamps we have put together this cross-reference file. Once you’ve selected the conventional specs you are looking to replace, the tool provides you with up to three LED options that match your conventional lamp.

    Mobile Applications

    Professional lighting catalog app

    Professional lighting catalog app


    Stay informed about all the latest LED lighting innovations and new product developments as they happen. Packed with innovative, easy-to-use features, the app gives you instant access to the right product for every need all on your smartphone or tablet.

    Find the correct light bulb with confidence


    Scan, fit, preview and order. LightFinder is a new way to find and buy exactly the light bulb you need and have it delivered to your home. Scan your old bulb with the app and let our AI technology match it up with the right replacement. Select the options that fit your needs, and complete the checkout within the app. No bulb? No problem. Browse available light bulbs with the search tool.

    Find the correct light bulb mobile app

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