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    Light it up with Philips LED grow lights

    Flexibility for your Philips LED grow light purchase


    LEDs are perceived to have a higher cost, which makes growers reluctant to purchase. But, did you know that there are options available that actually make LEDs more affordable and provide growers with an attractive ROI.


    • Our Signify company offers purchase financing for growers that are interested in diversifying their lending sources: our financing offers a low down payment, and first payment not due for 6 months so you can grow, harvest, sell, before your first payment is due.
    • Utility companies throughout the U.S. offer generous rebates to incent the conversion to energy-efficient products. Our team can help you maximize rebate opportunities, which in turn reduces your unit cost and increases the ROI.


    Let's start with a conversation. Complete the form below and a Signify representative will contact you within 3 business days and provide more details.

    Ready to retrofit your grow facility?​


    Did you know several electric utility companies are offering attractive rebates for you to switch to LEDs? Or incentives for choosing energy-efficient LED lighting in a new build?  For example, if you’re in central California, PG&E is offering a super attractive rebate to encourage reducing your energy consumption.


    If you're ready to retrofit your grow facility with LEDs and replace your HPS, fill in this form and we'll help you figure out how to take advantage of money that is yours for the taking.

    Ready to retrofit your grow facility?​

    Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 – Doubling Signify’s impact


    Sustainability is part of the DNA of Signify. It's our purpose to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. By changing the way we create and use light, we can improve lives and have a positive impact on the planet. Over the past 125 years, Signify pioneered many key breakthroughs in sustainable lighting and was a driving force behind several leading technological innovations, including LED.

    Philips LED grow lights

    Philips GreenPower LED​ toplighting compact
    The easy, plug-and-play, 1-to-1 HPS replacement. Improve crop results and reduce energy costs while delivering the high light levels your cannabis crops require. The toplighting compact 1.2 is dimmable with Philips GrowWise Control System.
    Philips GreenPower LED​ toplighting linear
    Supplemental lighting or sole-source lighting for greenhouse cultivation for your indoor grow. Offers optimal uniformity and installation ease and flexibility for continuous or non-continuous line install. Glass covered diodes for easy cleaning. Passively cooled

    Philips LED GreenPower ​gridlighting


    Ideal solution for commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and smaller grow operations. Specifically designed for cultivators growing on benches or tiered racking. 0-10 volt dimming and sized to fit a 4x4 area.

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