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    Who will be elected as the most innovative tomato grower in the world?


    On February 5th 2015 the 100 most innovative tomato growers from all over the world will meet in Berlin (Germany) for the second edition of the Tomato Inspiration Event. A great event to inspire and establish connections with the absolute leaders in the tomato-growing sector.

    The Tomato Inspiration Event is an annual initiative by HortiBiz and is supported by ten partners, including Philips. A hundred of the world’s most innovative tomato growers have been invited to come to Berlin to meet and inspire one another so as to raise high-tech horticulture to a higher level.

    Theme: Crop and process technology
    The theme is “crop and process technology”, a topic that is currently receiving more attention than ever. Technology can help to increase production and quality in a sustainable manner. Philips’ involvement goes without saying, since a LED solution is one of the possible tools for sustainable cultivation. Philips’ many years of experience in horticulture and the many cultivation studies in which it has been involved are further advantages.

    The event
    The finalists will give brief presentations and several courses. The grand finale of the Tomato Inspiration Event will be formed by the presentation of the Tomato Inspiration Award, which will be presented to the world’s best tomato grower in the field of crop and process technology. There will also be plenty of opportunity to network and make contact with the innovative horticulturists.

    Who has tried out and embraced new growth technologies that have resulted in a demonstrably improved end product? And which visionary is able to reduce negative production effects by making innovative technological changes in its business?


    We’ll find out on 5 February 2015.


    If you are unable to attend the event, you can still be kept informed via the website and Twitter.


    @TomatoEvent #TIE2015

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