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    Philips GreenPower LED
    toplighting force

    Providing maximum light all year round

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force
    The Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force, the ultimate LED grow light for light-loving crops. It creates summer conditions all year round, but without the heat dissipation of high-pressure sodium lights. Utilizing an existing plug power of 1040 W, growers can achieve a maximum light output of 3600 μmol/s at an efficiency up to 3.7 μmol/J. This allows for 1-to-1 HPS replacement utilizing the same connection, while increasing the light levels by 84% compared to the newest generation HPS lights. In addition, toplighting force achieves 3.9 μmol/J efficiency when dimmed to 50% of its power and functions with minimal light interception.


    Replace existing 1040 W HPS light for an 84% light increase
    Maximum light output of 3600 μmol/s and an efficacy of up to 3.7 μmol/J
    Two beam shapes ensure desired optimal uniformity or highest efficacy
    Dimming to 50% and increase efficiency up to 3.9 μmol/J
    Minimal light interception

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