Top 6 Halloween lighting ideas

    October 1, 2020

    Everyone has a dusty box of indoor Halloween decorations that emerges from the attic in October. Though you may add a freshly carved pumpkin, using the same old decorations year after year means your haunted house is more of a ho-hum house.  


    Want to really give your friends and family a fright? Give your old decorations new life with a few Halloween indoor lighting tips from Philips Hue.

    spooky indoor Halloween decorations with festive lights

    Skeleton and Hue Signe


    A skeleton is one of the most popular Halloween decorations, and they can really make a spooky statement when placed in a corner of the living room. The Hue Signe floor lamp is the perfect pair for this Halloween decoration. With its long, slender light, it can be hidden perfectly behind the spine of a skeleton. Drape a few cobwebs or tattered linens above and around the skeleton to add a few shadows to the setup. 


    Bright idea: In the mood for a little Halloween prank? Program a Hue motion sensor to turn the Hue Signe on at night. When an unsuspecting person walks by for a midnight snack or trip to the bathroom, the skeleton will light up — and give them a midnight fright. 

    bat Halloween decorations with festive lights

    Bats and Hue lightstrips


    If you don’t already have a Hue lightstrip in place, one of the best locations for it is along the backside of a long side table or buffet — the lightstrip faces the wall, spreading light around and upwards. Not only does it create a beautiful effect for everyday lighting, it provides the perfect spot to showcase holiday decorations, including a swarm of paper bats.

    Hue Bloom on a table behind a Halloween spider web

    Spiderwebs and Hue Bloom


    You can’t go wrong with a few spiderwebs and some creepy-crawlies, but you can make them even creepier with smart light. After hanging the cobweb and dotting it with spiders, place a Hue Bloom table lamp right behind it. The Hue Bloom often faces the wall, but this time, you want to face it outwards: position it toward one of the largest spiders so that it casts a shadow across the room.

    Hue Go lamp placed inside a jack-o'-lantern

    Pumpkin and Hue Go


    A jack-o'-lantern is the centerpiece of Halloween decor, so go big this year with an extra-large pumpkin — large enough for a Hue Go to fit comfortably inside. As a portable lamp, the Hue Go is well suited for a pumpkin. Want it on for longer? Simply run the cord through the back of the pumpkin to keep it shining for hours on end.

    Bright idea: If you miss the flickering of candles in your jack-o'-lantern, use the Hue Labs Candlelight romance formula to simulate the brightening and dimming of a tealight in your pumpkin.

    Set a spooky scene


    Red, green, purple, orange — there are plenty of color combinations that evoke the spirit of Halloween. The Hue app features dozens of light scenes that feature these colors, such as Blood Moon, which has soft reds and rich purples, or Chinatown, which offers bright reds perfect for setting an eerie mood as trick-or-treaters walk up to the door.

    Halloween decorations and TV with colorful lights

    Morph your movie night


    An annual Halloween movie night is a tradition for many families. Use surround lighting to take your spine-chilling horror movie or family-friendly flick to the next level with lights that flash, dance, dim, and brighten right along to the action on your TV screen. Use the Hue sync box and color-capable lights, such as the new Hue Play gradient lightstrip, to bring Halloween movie night to life with light.

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