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    Connected lighting as a catalyst for smart cities

    Philips Lighting sponsored IDC to help you make better decisions for your smart cities and connected lighting investments.

    As cities grow, the challenges they pose grow with them. But cities are hubs of diversity and innovation: and they can also become the source of solutions.


    Smart cities use the latest innovations in the Internet of Things to become more livable, resilient, economically sound, and sustainable. Smart sensors and other smart devices—from street lights to power meters to traffic signals and beyond—are distributed throughout the urban environment. These devices work together with an open, connected infrastructure to collect data about themselves, the environment, people, and events. This data can be analyzed and shared via software platforms and mobile apps to save energy, streamline operations, and make people feel safer and happier.


    A successful smart cities initiative relies on smart technology, but it also requires leadership and vision.


    The Path Toward Smart Cities: Best Practices for Action


    The awareness of the potential of Smart Cities has grown exponentially over the past year as governments realize that they can positively alter the lives of their citizens with technology and data-driven opportunities. As government leaders start to transform their organizations through the application of technology to real business challenges, from civic apps to smart streetlights, they are also looking for a roadmap to shape their thinking about the future and to provide a path toward transforming into a Smart City.


    This brief poses questions by Phillips Lighting to Ruthbea Yesner, Vice President of IDC Government Insights and global director of its Smart Cities Strategies practice, on behalf of Phillips Lighting's customers.


    Ruthbea Yesner, Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities

    Ruthbea Yesner,


    Vice President, Government Insights and Smart Cities

    Connected outdoor lighting - Analyst Brief and Infographic
    To download the complete Analyst Brief and Infographic

    CityTouch connected street lighting

    Demostration citytouch

    CityTouch is a revolutionary connected street lighting management platform that will help you take the next step with your city lighting. Remote, data-rich monitoring and management lets you improve the quality of city life with the best possible illumination experience and extraordinary value beyond illumination.


    Easy-to-deploy building blocks will get you up and running in all areas of the city from roadways and neighborhood streets to historic districts.

    Los Angeles is blazing the trail for  connected street lighting

    See how other cities keep their residents safe and increase operational efficiency by adopting Philips CityTouch system.

    Los Angeles

    City of Los Angeles

    Enabling the city of Los Angeles to manage street lighting through mobile and cloud-based Philips technologies.

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