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    Blazing the trail

    for connected street lighting

    What is CityTouch?

    CityTouch is a secure, connected lighting management platform that is helping cities become more livable, efficient and sustainable.


    CityTouch provides full visibility and control of your city’s street lighting from a centralized dashboard, allowing you to securely monitor light points, set schedules, and adjust light levels on demand. Data encryption and two-factor authentication ensure the software meets the most stringent security standards.


    Easy to use web applications provide a complete view of your connected street lights, enabling you to manage workflows and deploy maintenance crews only when and where needed. System data gives you near real-time insights into energy use and cost, helping you plan and schedule more efficiently.


    Your existing luminaires can be made CityTouch ready with a connector node, or you can choose to beautify your city with our new CityTouch luminaire.  CityTouch gives you complete flexibility with open standards and easy integration with other intelligent platforms and IoT devices, ensuring you keep pace with smart city trends – now and in the future.


    A flexible and sustainable solution for your city.


    CityTouch allows cities to adapt public lighting to all kinds of changing conditions and situations, while realizing energy and cost savings. And by digitizing your data you have the freedom to use it in many different ways.


    CityTouch lighting management software combined with LED luminaires can reduce energy use by more than 70% as well as significantly lowering CO2 emissions. It’s an opportunity to make your city more attractive, dynamic and environmentally responsible, along with saving money. 


    CityTouch is lean, efficient and helps you to take control of your public lighting infrastructure – a very visible indication to the people that the city government is making good decisions and using their money wisely. 

    How it works


    CityTouch is an end-to-end street lighting management system. For more information on any of these components, download one of the brochures below.

    CityTouch portfolio

    With an intuitive user interface and stringent security standards, your CityTouch platform is scalable to fit your needs and gives you complete visibility and control of your entire lighting system.
    Manage your connected street lighting remotely with Philips Lighting’s CityTouch connect app
    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch workflow app provides insights and workflows for efficient connected lighting

    CityTouch connect app

    Manage street lights remotely, monitor luminaire status, including failure notifications, and measure energy use in near real time using a standard web browser. 
    Philips Lighting CityTouch connected lighting systems work with standard networks

    CityTouch workflow app

    Analyze data, plan maintenance and maintain consistent lighting with rich data visualization capabilities. The mobile tool shares maintenance details with field crews and logs activity automatically to avoid redundant data streams.

    Connectivity options

    Easy-to-deploy building blocks will get you up and running in all areas of the city from roadways and neighborhood streets to historic districts. 
    Connector Node

    CityTouch Connector Node

    Connector Lamp

    CityTouch Connector Lamp

    CityTouch Complimentary Trial Offer

    With this complimentary trial, you will be able to manage your outdoor lighting assets and utilize the full capability of LED lighting. You will also learn how a connected lighting system makes your city safer, smarter and efficient.

    Your complimentary offer will include a complete supply of connector nodes, CityTouch Web-based remote monitoring software modules, license activation, and training for a limited period of time.

    Demostration citytouch

    Los Angeles is blazing the trail for  connected street lighting

    See how other cities keep their residents safe and increase operational efficiency by adopting Philips CityTouch system.

    Los Angeles

    City of Los Angeles

    Enabling the city of Los Angeles to manage street lighting through mobile and cloud-based Philips technologies.

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