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    Every day, the world presents new challenges in corporate property portfolio management. Cost control, increasing labor productivity, and green sustainability objectives can suddenly clash with the changing state of economic or corporate affairs.

    The InterAct Office lighting system from Philips Lighting offers a new way to reconcile this complexity across your property portfolio. Here, lighting as a service bypasses capital expenditures, while data-driven insights create efficiency in personnel and operations, and sustainable energy reduces operating expenses.

    Corporate property portfolio management - InterAct Office lighting system

    New office lighting ideas for smart portfolio management

    Data driven approach to energy efficiency
    Do you seek a data driven approach to energy efficiency?
    smart portfolio management - energy efficient office lighting
    Are stalled capital expenditures preventing equipment upgrades to energy efficient lighting?
    lighting replacement system - Philips InterAct office
    Do you want more than illumination from your lighting replacement system?

    Save. See. Scale.


    InterAct Office provides a complete LED retrofit system and up to 70% energy savings, without upfront capital investment. Hassle free installation leverages the existing lighting infrastructure, while easy operation saves time and provides peace of mind.


    You gain crucial insights into your lighting’s energy consumption and occupancy patterns across your portfolio.  These insights, supported by data, allow you to make decisions on portfolio optimization and bring stakeholders on board with facts.


    InterAct Office is scaled across all properties in your real estate portfolio, and grows with your needs, enabling unlimited expansion of connected sites and data management. As it uses cloud technology, InterAct Office’s intuitive cloud-based analytics dashboard is accessible anytime, anywhere to provide detailed, real-time real estate energy use information.

    InterAct Office solves
    corporate portfolio management challenges

    Watch these videos to learn how our solutions contribute to a green company and your business intelligence & analytics.
    Workplace strategies - cost effective use of space

    Don't let under occupancy cost your business

    Real estate optimization strategies - facilities management

    Real estate optimization strategies

    data driven business decisions - opex management

    Make data-driven business decisions

    corporate social responsbility - sustainable office

    Corporate social responsibility that aids your bottom line

    IoT Smart Building Solutions transform the Workplace

    Take a look beyond efficiency, and find out how the IoT can be used to boost worker experience and productivity on Smart Buildings.

    Download the Forrester report: ‘IoT Smart Building Solutions transform the Workplace’ to find out how digital savvy business leaders are looking beyond bottom-line savings, and using their facilities and existing building infrastructure to support top-line growth, by transforming their workplaces.

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    Want to know more about how InterAct Office can bring social responsibility along with ways to save energy in your business? Take the next step towards the future of corporate real estate management. Contact us today to see how InterAct Office can serve your needs.