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    Ashley Furniture HomeStore

    Ashley Furniture HomeStore,
    New Rochelle, NY, United States


    A bright perspective helps shoppers create a beautifully furnished home.

    Ashley Furniture HomeStore lit with Track heads using LED Lamps

      The Philips
    LED lamps

    give us an opportunity to increase our ‘green’ initiatives by cutting down on our energy costs as well as our labor."


    - Jerry Cook, Director of Sales for Ashley Furniture HomeStore

    Ashley Furniture HomeStore lights a n accent wall with Track heads using LED Lamps

    Customer challenge


    Existing halogen lights provided suitable lighting, but required frequentand distracting maintenance, added to energy operating costs, and conflicted with corporate environmental stewardship goals.

    Ashley Furniture HomeStore lit with Track heads using LED Lamps

    The right lighting 


    The lamps chosen for the Ashley Furniture HomeStores, New Rochelle, NY location were the Philips 17W LED PAR 38 Lamps. “Lighting and color are everything in enhancing the look of (furniture),” says Rose Uitenbroek, an Interior Designer for Ashley Furniture. “We really want customers to see the true wood tones and colors of the upholstery, and the energy-efficient lighting from Philips is exactly the product to do this for us.” LED Lamps are an ideal replacement for conventional light sources like halogen, where vibrancy, tone and subtleties in colors and patterns are important parameters in an informed retail purchase.

    In addition, by upgrading 523 lamps from halogen to the LED PAR 38 Lamps, the Ashley Furniture HomeStores site is expected to save about $17,000 annually in energy costs. Local utility-sponsored rebates added to the overall savings, helping to reduce the project’s payback period to less than 1.5 years.

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