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    A revitalized image with significant energy savings

    Brookside Middle School

    Sarasota County, Florida, USA


    Dependable energy savings can prove valuable to a school district, both by reducing carbon footprint and shifting more budget to academic needs.


    In the 2014-2015 school year Sarasota County School District spent 24 cents per square foot less on energy than the state average.

    Philips Lighting Carlisle Area School District Office Application

    When we saw the 

    Philips EvoKit,

    we knew that it stood out on its own. It was way more advanced than anything else we had seen. It gives the classroom a new look without painting any walls, or putting in a new carpet. EvoKit also features wireless programming technology that works with a smartphone-based app for further energy savings."


    -Mike Siciliano,

    Energy Manager, Sarasota County School District

    EvoKit w/phone app
    Sarasota classroom

    Customer Challenge


    When renovating and expanding the district's Lamberton and Wilson Middle Schools, both built in the late 1970s, they sought to configure spaces to optimize the student learning experience while also incorporating sustainable practices throughout.

    Sarasota school library

    Simple and fast installation


    The school district's facilities department met with a variety of manufacturers and tested their products over a six-month period. Graybar Electric Sarasota, a local lighting electrical distributor with a strong track record and expertise with Philips EvoKit LED retrofit, introduced Philips Lighting to pitch the product.


    Philips EvoKit also allowed for a simple and fast installation: each fixture  fit seamlessly into the same troffers as the school’s outdated fluorescents.

    The Philips EvoKit LED retrofit

    An energy efficient, easy to install solution to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to LED. Compatible with both standard and narrow T-grids, it is a simple retrofit that will improve the look of your ceiling. 



    Optimizing the

    student’s learning experience

    The Team

    Sarasota County Schools,
    Brookside Middle School


    NCN Electric

    Electrical Contractor

    Graybar Electric Sarasota

    Electrical Distributor

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