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    Fresh, flavorful, and


    winter tomatoes

    Grow like never before


    In the winter, natural light is simply insufficient to grow tomatoes in your greenhouse. Which means tomatoes sold at local markets are most often transported a great distance, inferior in taste, and cost more to consumers.

    Therein lies a big opportunity for tomato growers in northern most climates—grow tomatoes during what is traditionally downtime for a growing operation. All you need is light. The right light—Philips LED interlighting—and you can grow and harvest fresh and flavourful tomatoes year-round.

    fresh, flavorful, and tasty winter tomatoes

    Yield big results and generate revenue year round with a strategic shift in your growing operations


    Wouldn’t you like to generate revenue year round? You can by capitalizing on the optimal market condition of low supply coupled with high demand. You can tap into this opportunity through the use of Philips LED interlighting. LED interlighting enables you to shift your growing season, which then positions you to grow, harvest, and generate revenue during winter months.

    Philips GreenPower interlighting is a bi-directional LED lighting that provides direct and focused light within the crop canopy of high-wire tomatoes. With the installation of Philips GreenPower LED interlighting, growers can now supply local markets during winter months with locally-grown tomatoes.

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting

    • Provides optimal light spectrum to stimulate tomato production
    • Essential light is directed and contained within the canopy; not only to the top of crop of the plants
    • Slim profile conveniently fits within the crop canopy
    • Supports proper fruit growth and development when natural light is deficient
    • Low energy consumption keeps production and energy costs low
    • Aluminum encasement (IP66 rated*) makes the module durable for humid greenhouse setting

    Winter production at UK grower


    R & L Holt, a family-run business dedicated to growing tomatoes, installed Philips GreenPower interlighting to support year-round tomato growing. LED interlighting delivered light to the part of the crop would most benefit, under the canopy of the crop.

    The interlighting installation significantly increased efficiency in production as the lighting resulted in higher sugar production; sugar being the building blocks of the plant.


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