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    Public sector


    Practical, beautiful, and energy efficient


    Reduce energy consumption while creating beautifully lighted spaces indoors and out, from office buildings to parks, state and local to federal government facilities. We know that sustainability and cost reduction are a priority. Our broad range of quality lighting solutions go beyond illumination to make public spaces feel more welcoming and secure, and offices more comfortable. Our experienced team can evaluate your situations and help you meet your budget and sustainability requirements. Ready for smart innovation? Contact our team of experts for more information.


    Federal Lighting


    Federal government procurement has unique needs. We are ready to help. Learn more about LED lighting systems and services for Federal.


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    Municipal Lighting


    Meet the growing demand for energy savings and sustainability. From LED improvements to smart city solutions, we can help. Learn more about LED lighting to meet the needs of state and local facilities.


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    Sports & Arena Lighting


    Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, increase the number of events, save money, and achieve a unique and innovative multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.


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    Welcome to the Smart City

    The pace of urbanization is accelerating. Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, increasing to 66% by 2050.


    As cities grow, the challenges they pose—environmental, economic, and social—grow with them. But cities are hubs of diversity and innovation: they can also become the source of solutions.


    Smart Cities use recent advances in communications and digital technologies, data sharing and analysis, and intelligent design to make cities more livable, resilient, economically sound, and sustainable. Smart sensors and embedded devices—from street lights to power meters to traffic signals and beyond—work together with an open, connected infrastructure to create a distributed layer of intelligence that can save energy, streamline operations, and make citizens feel happier and safer.

    Case Studies

    Creating an iconic landmark


    The LED lighting sculpture had such a broad social and economic impact on the Bay area that the temporary display became a permanent part of the skyline.

    Parking made easier with lighting


    Find out how indirect lighting is making parking easier for drivers in P-Hämppi.

    Flexible lighting lets businesses shine


    Discover how Atlas in Seattle is incorporating lighting into flexible work spaces for the modern professional.


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